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Vision Statement

Mackie and Pammie, LLC aims to educate and motivate each individual we know or work with to want and achieve more.  As a company, we feel as though, if we have succeeded in touching your life in this way and left a mark on you, our purpose and job has been served.  When you advocate you bring hope! Life can change in a matter of seconds, social workers, counselors and therapists are here to help with theses changes. 

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Therapy Sessions
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Individual Therapy

Life is full of daily stressors and challenges that can bring us feelings of anxiety and worry, which can be overwhelming. This can make it difficult for us to manage our emotions and cope with the day to day stresses. In times like these we need a helping hand. Individual therapy provides support by offering a space where you can process your feelings and learn ways to manage them.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy can help family members improve communication and develop the tools necessary for better conflict resolution.

Old Couple

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is designed to help couples gain insight about their relationship, build communication, and identify conflict issues.

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Clinical Supervision

Supervision provided by an LCSW offering additional oversight and support. 

Support Group

Group Therapy

It's important to remember that you are never alone, even when you're dealing with problems. It is easy to forget this and feel that you are struggling by yourself. This, however, is not true: you do not have to face your problems alone. Group therapy provides a safe space where you can connect with others who are going through similar experiences. By hearing others' stories and sharing with them your own, you learn more about yourself as you set on a journey towards healing. 

Getting Help

We all experience a variety of feelings and sometimes feel as though we are stuck or looking in the wrong places for help and assistance. Mackie and Pammie, LLC are here to help. Our clinicians have extensive experience in the areas listed below. Call or email us today to learn more. 




Self Esteem



Anger Management






We accept:

Horizon BCBSNJ

Sliding fee scale offered on a case by case basis.






$150 per session 

Couples Therapy:

$175 per session


$35 per session

DDD case management /consulting services:

$50 per session

Clinical Supervision:

 $150 per session

LCADC Supervision:

$150 per session





Please contact Perform Care for BPS, IIC and IIH services to request this provider at 18776527624. 

Third party reports such as BPS will not be released and will require the individual to  request the documents directly from the party or organizations that created it.


*Please note all services authorized by a third party such as an assessment, will require an individual to request these documents directly from the organization authorizing the services.


In addition, fees for services authorized by Perform Care will follow its fee schedule.





Due to COVID-19 most services are provided via Telehealth format.


Yellow Couch

"Before I came to Mackie and Pammie, I was at a point of my life where I felt really down. I convinced myself that therapy was the way to go but I was still worried that I may not find a therapist I could connect with. Ailene has been amazing in helping me in my struggle with anxiety and depression. I have never felt judged or self conscious, instead I have experienced encouragement and support."

M. M. 

Tablet & Coffee

"Irina is an amazing non judgmental therapist. Her skill set of pulling you out of deep rooted hurts and then to be able to show you how to grow from it is amazing."


"I have a special needs son who has behavioral issues and Ailene has been able to work with him in using coping skill techniques that have been very successful."

Concierge Desk

"I have been treating with Chinyere for the last month. Chinyere is very professional, polite and a good listener, she allowes you to talk without interruption. Most of all, she makes me feel comfortable with opening up about my past traumas. I wish I would have found Chinyere sooner."

Cozy Office

"Jenny is amazing. She is smart, funny and respectful. I enjoy my time speaking with her and the suggestions for actions during the time between meetings. In just a few sessions I have already implemented new reactions to stressful home situations successfully. We are a good team!"

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